Garcia: ‘Roma mustn’t relax’ – Football Italia

Mindfulness teaches you ways to acknowledge your experiences, including the sadness that comes with life’s tough situations. It allows you to think of solutions that can help you get over it, and gain from your experiences. Instead of pulling you down, being mindful helps mold you to come out of life’s trials as a better person.

Garcia: ‘Roma mustn’t relax’Football ItaliaRudi Garcia complimented Empoli for their performance, but warned Roma “must not relax until the final whistle.” The Giallorossi struggled in the first half, but three goals in 12 minutes swept the Tuscans aside. “Compliments to Empoli, as they caused …and more »…Garcia: ‘Roma mustn’t relax’ – Football Italia

The key to achieving the benefits of mindfulness meditation is to remain consistent. It is very important to make time each day for you to practice meditation. Realise that it’s only through regular practice that you’ll be able to enhance your meditation skills. With consistent practice, you’ll begin to experience a greater sense of peace within you.

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