Mindfulness: 7 Reasons to Implement Meditation at Work – Huffington Post

Clinical Depression is a serious mental illness that can have a significant impact on your ability to carry on with your everyday tasks. If you’re struggling with depression, understand that there are loads of different ways to help you cope and sooner or later overcome it.

Huffington PostMindfulness: 7 Reasons to Implement Meditation at WorkHuffington PostYears ago, our CEO had resigned and we were left with very little strategic direction. Rumors were floating of the company selling and the uncertainty was inducing fear amongst the troops. Would we have a job next month? Is the company going…Mindfulness: 7 Reasons to Implement Meditation at Work – Huffington Post

Loving kindness, also known as unconditional love, is one of the main parts of mindfulness meditation. Having an attitude of loving kindness to yourself and others can transform your life and your relationships. This kindly well-wishing can be given out to anybody, without waiting for anything in return. This is important in helping you attain a happier and more creative mindset.

Mindfulness meditation may be the simple answer to a healthier society. Go to the pages below and discover the many important information about mindfulness meditation and how it can transform yourself and the society.


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